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A plugin for Insomnia to retrieve secrets from Azure Key Vault

In this blog post I want to mention a good plugin for Insomnia to use the Azure Key Vault to store the secrets for your applications and environments.

Azure Key Vault


If you work with Rest API during your daily activities I am quite sure that you know Insomnia as one of the best tool to develop and test Rest endpoints.

One of the key features of Insomnia is the vastity of the plugins that you can install in your client from the plugin hub.

This week I discovered one of the trending plugin is the Azure Key Vault Secrets.


How to use it

  • Install the plugin from the Insomnia plugin Hub.
  • Add an environment variable with the name AZURE_KEYVAULT, only the name will do, the plugin will create the full url. For example if the full key vault url is, the variable will be "AZURE_KEYVAULT": "my-key-vault-name".


  • Hit Ctrl + Space in any place where an environment variable is available and pick Azure Key Vault Secret


  • The template tag will become red indicating an error, in fact it requires a secret name, click on it


  • Set the secret name


The live preview will show the value. Click Done.

  • The template tag shows now the secret name


Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it interesting!

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