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15 Google Extensions You Should Have

Sometimes, during my live on Twitch or my workshop at work, people ask me which extensions are using on Chrome/Edge.

Privacy and Password Manager

uBlock Origin

The best ad-blocker in the world. It is lightweight and it uses low CPU.
It uses a lot of filters by default and you can add more filters if needed.


LastPass: Free Password Manager

I can't live without this extension. I don't like to signup to online services or websites with Facebook/Twitter/GitHub and every time I create a new user with username and password.
In this case, you need this extension to remember your credentials.


Enhanced GitHub

It adds some information on GitHub repo and files.
Be default it displays the repo size, file size and adds buttons to copy the content of the file or the download link for a file.

File Icons for GitHub

By default, GitHub displays a default icon for each file.
This extension gives different icons for filetypes.

GitHub FiraCode

If you are an online code reader like me, you need this extension.
Why? Because if you are using font ligatures on Visual Studio Code, you need font ligatures in GitHub as well.

GitZip for GitHub

Sometimes you need to download only a bunch of files or a folder and you don't want to clone the repo on your machine.
With this extension you can select files and folder and download the files as a zip.


One of the most famous and useful extensions for GitHub, I think.
It adds a folder tree of your repo directly on the left side of your browser and it helps to navigate the code more easily.
In addition, it adds a quick search bar.

Dev Tools

React Developer Tools

You need this extension only if you work with React daily.
Directly from the dev toolbar, you can access the React components information and you have also a profiler to analyze your application performance.

Usersnap - Capture visual feedback and bugs

Writing documentation and collect feedback from users is always a nightmare for a developer.
With this extension, you can capture screen, add feedback and information directly on the image without exiting from the browser.
It's a life and time saver.


It's very similar to Lighthouse from Google, but it comes from Microsoft.
15 Google Extensions You Should Have

It helps to collect and analyze information about your web app.
Especially if you developed a PWA.


Do you want to see you REST API response directly on the browser?
It helps to format your JSON response directly on Chrome.

XML Viewer

Do you want to see you REST API response directly on the browser?
It helps to format your XML response directly on Chrome.


Grammarly for Chrome

I can't image a day without this extension.
If you write documentation/email/posts in the browser, Grammarly helps you to eliminate errors and find the perfect words for every occasion.


If you want to discover what technology and fonts run on a site, this extension is for you.
Very useful if you are curious and you want to understand what kind of technologies are running behind the scenes.


As you know Chrome is a battery drainer.
With Extensity you can enable and disable extensions very quickly with a single click directly from the top browser toolbar.


Do you have other interesting and useful extensions?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The Great Suspender suspends the tab after a particular time and it's pretty useful if you consistently have a lot of tabs open.
  2. OneTab to push all the important tabs to a single place and reduce tab clutter
  3. Internet Junkie to track the time/visits daily on different websites.