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Test HTML in GitHub Actions

I want to start adding tests for my site so that I don't break it 😢. htmltest is first.

Setup htmltest

I went with htmltest mainly because it's just a go binary. I've seen other options in the past that required a Ruby environment and generally don't like dealing with that.

Installing htmltest into the current directory can be as simple as curl | bash. I installed it system-wide but 🤷‍♂️.

htmltest operates on HTML files…whereas my site is set up with Hugo so is largely Markdown. I have to generate my site first using hugo and then run htmltest on the public folder. Fortunately, htmltest has a config file that lets you set the directory. This way testing my site (once it's rendered) is just a matter of running htmltest.

The first time running htmltest my site had a number of issues. It found a broken link to an svg I had removed, my LinkedIn link was incorrect, and a number of missing alt tags. There were also a couple other issues that I ended up having ignored. I have some indieweb tags that didn't respond kindly to a GET request and one site I linked out to kept timing out in the test.

Add to GitHub Actions

I installed htmltest in my pipeline using the magic curl script. This way it always gets the latest version and I didn't have to write anything. htmltest will cache the results of the remote links check so the workflow will cache the tmp/.htmltest folder to help keep it quick. Overall this adds six seconds to my pipeline.

This is all that was needed to add to the workflow yaml. It assumes htmltest is configured with .htmltest.yml. You can find my config in the repo.

- uses: actions/cache@v2
    path: tmp/.htmltest
    key: ${{ runner.os }}-htmltest

- name: HTML Test
  run: |
    curl | bash

GitHub actions run

I did have to configure it not to fail on external links as it was failing every so often. Every change to my site now gets tested to ensure the links are valid.

Next Steps 🦶

I want to add more tests. I think the first might be a spellchecker. I write these posts in VS Code which will highlight misspellings, but I don't always notice. I've used vale before and it will even recommend some grammar changes.

I also want to test the Lighthouse score and make sure it doesn't get worse. This GitHub action seems nice lighthouse-check. It could generate an HTML report like below.

lighthouse report

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