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30-days plan to master Jetpack Compose with resources and three practice projects

Jetpack Compose is the modern toolkit for building native Android UI, offering a declarative approach that simplifies UI development. This 30-day plan is designed to help you master Jetpack Compose, providing a structured learning path with essential resources and practical projects. By the end of this challenge, you’ll be proficient in building sophisticated, high-performance Android applications with Jetpack Compose.

Week 1: Fundamentals of Jetpack Compose

Day 1-2: Introduction to Jetpack Compose

Day 3-4: Basic Composables

Day 5-6: Layouts in Compose

Day 7: Modifiers

Week 2: State Management and Navigation

Day 8-9: State in Compose

Day 10-11: Navigation in Compose

Day 12-13: Theming and Styling

Day 14: Animation

Week 3: Advanced Topics and First Project

Day 15-16: Advanced State Management

Day 17-18: Lists and Grids

Day 19-20: Custom Composables

Day 21: Accessibility

Week 4: Projects and Deployment

Day 22-23: First Project - ToDo List App

Project: Build a ToDo list app with basic CRUD operations.
Focus: Use state management, navigation, and theming.

Day 24-25: Second Project - Weather App

Project: Create a weather app that fetches data from an API.
Focus: Implement lazy lists, custom composables, and side-effects.

Day 26-27: Third Project - E-commerce App

Project: Develop a basic e-commerce app with product listing and cart functionality.
Focus: Use advanced navigation, animations, and accessibility features.

Day 28: Testing

Day 30: Deployment and Publishing

This guide ensures a deep understanding of Jetpack Compose, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience through real-world projects.

Happy coding!!!

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