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of Projects with MongoDB Data API.
Kartik Prajapati
Kartik Prajapati

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MERN Stack WebApp for Centralised Store of Projects with MongoDB Data API.

Implementation of WebApp with MVC(Model/View/Controller)
Pattern and to get the benefits of MongoDB Atlas to store the data, Powerful Search and Tag based Project Creation to make it a Generalised solution to all kinds of projects to be shareable.

Overview of My Submission uses CI/CD with Microsoft Azure and Cloudflare pages, API Requests on Subdomain(, Express.js Session and UI with React Js, Interfaces, Backend Controllers, and Models of Mongoose (mongoose is a mongodb object modeling tool designed to work in an asynchronous environment), Google Auth API to SignIn the user in the webApp, Aggregation used for Count in Projects, Enabled Schema Index for Search in Projects with any String field, Database(AllProjects), Collection(users, projects), Controllers(AuthRoutes, ProjectRoutes, UserRoutes)

Submission Category:

Choose Your Own Adventure: Centralised and shareable set of
Projects with MongoDB Atlas API and Full-Stack(NodeJs, Express.js, React Js).

Link to Code

Welcome to Allprojects πŸ‘‹

License: Apache License

Centralised store of Projects to make it shareable and powerful Search with MongoDB API (Full Stack MERN(Mongodb ,Express Js,React Js,Node js)

🏠 Homepage

✨ Demo


git clone
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Getting Started with

cd allprojects/client
npm install

cd server 
npm install

add .env.local in Client Directory
in .env.local paste below code:
REACT_APP_API_URL= http://localhost:8000

add .env in server Directory
add below code in .env:

CLIENT_ID='Here your google auth client Id'

Now Start both CLIENT and SERVER:

cd client
npm start

cd server
npm start

YEAH you have successfully run the Application
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πŸ‘€ Kartik Prajapati, Deep Shah

🀝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page.

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πŸ“ License

Copyright Β© 2022 Kartik Prajapati.
This project is Apache…

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shah deep

It was really nice working with you kartik in hackathon 😎. Enjoyed the hackathon.🀘🀘🀘. Thanks mongodb atlas and for this hackathonπŸ˜ƒ