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Dashboard to track the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Statistics using the Lightning Web Component.

Hi Guys!! I have built a dashboard with a real-time API(of COVID-19) in Salesforce Playground using the Lightning web component.

Below is the design that I have built.

Alt Text

Alt Text


COVID-19 Global Cases Tracking Using LWC


I have recorded the video so that you guys can follow and build the awesome stuff. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a dashboard using lightning web components. we are going to use the following topics

  1. Data Binding
  2. Component lifecycle
  3. Third-party API Integration
  4. Looping
  5. Filtering
  6. Charts - Highcharts
  7. Tables
  8. SLDS inbuilt CSS classes 9Custom CSS
  9. Event handlers
  10. getters

Code and Demo


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lucasfrutig0 profile image

Nice but data isn't update