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re: In my experience, the button should convey the action. Although the button says Following, that does not indicate what it should do. If we take a p...

What about touch devices? They don't have hover effects.


This is a huge part of mobile UI that I think a lot of people overlook if they're more focused on desktop. I think you should always design as though hover is not an option, only using it to add extra clarity, but not relying on it to convey the meaning of a button, etc.


I answered it here.

Good point about touch/mobile with hover. I should have took a bit more time before answering. 🙃

Looks like Twitter on mobile just shows Following and when you click it, you get the same prompt as desktop prompting you to make sure you really want to unfollow. I agree having just unfollow text would have made sense here like you suggest.

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