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Tech Event for Women in Japan and around the World

There is an programming event for women in Japan. At first, I assumed this was due to the low number of female engineers in Japan, but I have since discovered that similar events take place all around the world.

🎯 CTF for GIRLS (Japan) [1]
🎯 Women Coders Contest Indeed 2022 (Japan, Singapore, India) [2]
🎯 Women in ML Symposium 2022 (Online) [3]

Various other women-only events are also listed on womenhack [4].

Our lab has many female members, including current and alumni. If you know of any events in your country that align with the philosophy of WeCoded 2023, we would appreciate it if you could share that information with us. Such knowledge will undoubtedly benefit others.

Lastly, it's not just women who face obstacles in the tech industry. LGBT individuals also experience discrimination. Although I am only a student and cannot do much, I hope for progress and acceptance for everyone in the field.


In the well-known Pokemon series that everyone is familiar with, it is no longer necessary to choose a gender. I think it's a great consideration by Nintendo, a leading technology company in Japan. I hope that other companies will follow suit in the future.

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