Introduction to CSS Grid: What You Should Know

Kara Luton on February 17, 2019

I first heard about CSS Grid towards the end of 2016. I was sitting at one of my first Tech Ladies meetings and an attendee mentioned hearing how... [Read Full]
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Nice content but codes are wrong. And you shared missing data. With the codes you provide, we are unable to create content in the subject. We have to write code from extras. Html codes used incorrectly. But the article is generally described correctly and beautifully. Thanks for everything.


Hi Simsar,

Not totally sure what you mean but all the code is correct. The only thing that I didn’t include is the styling for the individual items since that’s just adding background-color and font-size. Would love to know if I may have overlooked something so I can update the article!


Great timing for me, having just stumbled onto a perfect layout use case. Thanks for an awesome post.


Very nice, bookmarking as well. Really wanted something like this about grid, all in one place!


This is a great overview! I'm going to play around with this today. Thank you!


Thanks for the writeup!

I haven't looked into CSS grid until now. Bookmarked this as a starter :]


Wonderful article. Sharing this on my social channels.


Haha I definitely did too. I'm sure they're a little outdated now but I loved how visual they were!


Have not used css grid before. Do you still use flexbox when creating new things or
only css grid?


You can use them together but CSS Grid can do almost everything that flexbox can (except for reversing rows/columns and some animation) so I haven't had a use-case where I've personally used both together.


Learnt a new thing today. Never knew "grid-auto-flow: dense." exist.Thank you for this Kara.


You're welcome! Be careful with grid-auto-flow: dense if you're trying to meet any accessibility standards though. It does mess up your source order so things will be read out of order on a screen reader.

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