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Contribute to Awesome Accomplice

Like so many other black folks these past few weeks, I've been battling between feeling exhausted by the sudden increase in requests for my attention/resources, and the feeling that if I don't give that attention or those resources, folks are going to veer off into problematic and inaccurate places.

Today, after watching more talks at JuneteenthConf I was inspired to do something about those feelings.

As a technologist, I couldn't help but wonder, what could I do to alleviate this stress, and systematize the information I've been combing through, so other's don't have to?!

So I created Awesome-Accomplice, modeling Awesome Lists.

There are a LOT of resources within and outside of tech that are built by folks on the ground that have BEEN doing the work of dismantling our racist systems, and I want us to be able to pull and share that info.

I'm hoping to have more Black & Indigenous People Of Color share resources that they vouch for, so that we can in turn, have a quick place to point non-black folks to, who are looking to get on the same page in their journey to Anti-Racism.

If you'd like to contribute, reach out!

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