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Privacy problems or reading comprehension issues?

kappalucky profile image Shaquille Foster ・1 min read

I constantly get articles about “Google watching us” and “How to delete your account...” for something more private across my various feeds...

I’ve always felt that people simply do not read and look to blame a company for not being ‘clear’ or just straight up not knowing what the company actually sells.

In Google’s case, I have been locked in for years; always been aware that they are an advertising company at heart and use the data it learns from me to sell products I may like, as well as personalizing everything I do across their platform. It’s a win-win in my eyes.

As a developer and/or business owner, how do you feel about the privacy concerns that arise from users of software (especially free software) that aren’t aware of how or why data is collected?

Do you feel a form of schooling would be beneficial to teach others that it’s a program that’s analyzing their personal data and not an actual individual from the company?

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