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Backend Developers— Our Top Trending Stories of the Week.

kaperskyguru profile image Solomon Eseme Originally published at Medium on ・1 min read

Backend Developers received some amazing content in the past few days. Here, we share our favorites.

Most Favourite of them all this week

Backend Development: The Ultimate Guide 2021: Learn everything you need to learn backend development in 2021 from knowing nothing about backend development to getting your first job.

Laravel Cron: The Definitive Guide: So you wish to automate some tasks in your newly created application with Laravel, say you want to send out birthday messages, promotional emails or you simply want to optimize and back up your database with Laravel Cron periodically.

How Tweakpane can help you: In this article, we are going to learn how Tweakpane can help you in fine-tuning your parameters and how you can also monitor value changes.

5 Must-Have Skills For Developers 2021: The 5 must-have skills for developers in 2021 gives you an insight into what skills you really need to gain in 2021 as a developer.

Top 5 Backend Programming Languages: Top 5 programming languages is more of a prediction towards 2021, highlighting the most popular backend programming languages you should…

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