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Opinions worth sharing

kant312 profile image Quentin Delcourt Originally published at quentin.delcourt.be Updated on ・2 min read

Very often in my career, I was faced with colleagues or managers' decisions that I thought would bring some trouble.

There is sometimes an opportunity, before the decision starts actually triggering real life effects, where there is still time to raise your voice and share your concerns with your team.

I am not an extrovert and convincing people has never been my forte, which sometimes prevented me to speak when I should have spoken.

I once heard about a decision to change a legacy CMS to replace it with a brand new, also custom CMS. On top of bringing absolutely zero new advantage to the end users, I also knew about Spolsky's law, aka you never rewrite a software from scratch.

I tried to fight it, but struggled to make my point. I gave up pretty quickly and thought that maybe the people leading the decision knew better. Despite my gut feeling. And of course I was very wrong.

I should have make my voice heard and share my opinions. The decision led us to many performance problems and a system that was not necessarily better than the previous one. And no gain for the end users. Hence, by not raising my voice, I brought myself in a very uncomfortable situation.

When you think something is not right, don't keep it to yourself, share it with your colleagues. You might thank you later 🙂

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