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How to change the build configuration in Fastlane - via gym , build _app or xcodebuild

kandavel profile image kandavel umapathy ใƒป1 min read

We have four build configuration in the scheme - QA, Pre prod, Staging, Releasing with different BaseUrl, I am just trying to change this build configuration via Fastlane gym command but it fails, bu default it is taking the one which is selected PFA for reference

`build_app(workspace: "MyApp.xcworkspace", scheme: "MyApp", include_bitcode: true,export_method:"app-store",configuration: "Staging")

gym(workspace: "Omuni.xcworkspace",scheme: stagingScheme,export_method:"appstore,configuration:"Staging")`

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kandavel umapathy Author

how to change this configuration via fastlane, i know fastlane gym command have a field called configuration: where we can pass

but not working, any code snippet is appreciable