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Discussion on: Why Programming Languages Are Hard

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I agree, when you get started with C you will grasp concepts of reference (pointers), static and dynamic memory allocation, memory leaks and manual memory deallocation. It is a simple language, yet so powerful at the backend. I build my first spellchecker with it. I actually started with Fortran and I failed badly during my physics degree because I could not grasp the fundamental programming concepts - I was a rookie. I believed for many years I was not good at programming - which probably accounts for most of us biological beings as we are not accustomed to work like a computer. Then I did some C# and ASP.NET and honestly it was a painful experience for me because quite a lot of low level concepts were abstracted away, which is fine but you somehow don't learn the fundamentals. Now I am doing Python and still have to go few levels down and learn/re-learn the fundamentals but I am getting more comfortable, but now I understand the limitations of strict dynamic typing. I would like to pick up new languages but for now I would like to master Python. I know EcmaScript fairly well but I also played a just bit with Racket/Scala/Haskell/c++/Java - I love Racket.