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Reasons behind starting Blogs

To be honest, the main reason I am going to start writing because I want to make documentation for my own. It doesn't matter how much you have learned in your entire life, if you can't use it when you need it then the learning would be nothing but a waste of time.

So, can I not just create a notebook for that?

Yes, I can but this will only benefit me, not others. If I keep these things as a blog in somewhere on the internet then there is a possibility that maybe someone can find it useful someday.

Ok fine, but why not create some youtube tutorials?

Yes, I have thought many times about that, but I believe that tutorial are slower than blogs. And sometimes for many developers, tutorials is the main reason that they don't touch the most valuable piece of any framework which is the official documentation. They rely on the tutorials so much that they feel that they don't need the documentation any more (I was one of the thinker). Although I have some plans for youtube also if I can manage some times (seriously I am not good at time management). You can take a look at my this youtube channel if you want.

Current blogging goals

1. Keeping documentation of my learnings

As I said earlier the main reason for start blogging is to making documentation for myself. And if I write blogs for this it may help someone. It doesn't necessary to be the most popular blogger in the web development community, maybe someday a folk will start a search through search engines like google for a code snippet and luckily the engine will show the link for the snippet from my blogs.

2. Want to improve communication skills

Most of the time of my day goes by in front of my laptop.

Photo from unsplash
Photo from unsplash

It is good because I keep practicing and solving problems for my own for now. But this is not my professional life goal. I want to solve problems for others. For this, I need to learn talking with other peoples to make good communication with them. From my point of view, it is necessary to start learning talking to make good communication with them. Problem-solving skills in programming will not solve the problem of communication with clients/colleague.

3. In order to write I have to read

I mentioned above that I was one of the thinker who thought tutorials is enough for learning & who neglected the most valuable pieces of Documentaions. After facing issues in my projects I understood that tutorials alone can't solve all my problems in my professional life. Documentation or blogs is necessary. If I want to write good quality blogs then I must have to read a bunch of them first.

That's all for now. No more reason behind starting blogs that I can think of for now. I will keep writing if almighty Allah allows me to do so.

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