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WAO: How do you release software?

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Wrong Answers Only

How do you release/deploy/package your software product (or service)?

Comment your wrong answer!

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Oh just make it so that every change is automatically pushed to production.

Write a line of code, press save and let it automatically push to the production server, that is how you get things done!

This is especially effective in teams where everyone can work on the same file at once and push changes together.

Oh and if you need to make an update to the database, just do it via the command line.

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Nathan Kallman

Create the executable from that one developer's computer that the code actually works on and then strap it to a pigeon to fly to all our customers.

winstonpuckett profile image
Winston Puckett

Mail in a disc to the Azure Service Desk and have them upload the software to an app service.

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Nathan Kallman

I want to laugh but I feel like someone has actually done this 😂😭

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