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Brainf*ck in 5 minutes.
Not working for intelligence.
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The easiest least readable programming language I’ve written in so far has to be Brainf*ck. Brainf*ck is what I’d call a tacobell programming language, everything is made from the same 8 ingredients. You use the 8 operators to manipulate one datapointer (a number stored somewhere) and to change datapointers (Brainf*ck has 30.000 datapointers).

The operators are as follows:
“>” moves the datapointer to the right.
“<” moves the datapointer to the left.
“+” increases the selected datapointer by one.
“-” decreases the selected datapointer by one.
“.” outputs the number in the selected datapointer as an ASCII character.
“,” reads one character from input and writes it to the datapointer.
“[” if the current datapointer is at 0, then skip to the next “]”.
“]” if the current datapointer is not at 0, then go back to the last “[”.

Take note of the last two being able to form a loop to do clever manipulations.

So now that you know the commands you want to print the text: “Hello world!” as is traditionally the first thing to do with any new programming language. You start by looking up the ASCII number for every character:
H = 72,
e = 101,
l = 108,
l = 108,
o = 111,
space = 32,
w = 119,
o = 111,
r = 114,
l = 108,
d = 100,
! = 33.

Now the first datapointer will be used as an index for the loops, the second for the characters, and a third one for the space and exclamation mark. following below is the tutorial.

First we want 72, we know that 72 = 12 * 6 so we set the index to 6:


Then we start a loop that increments our second datapointer by 12 for every point it deducts in the first datapointer (making it go up to 72 before our loop stops)


And then we can print the “H”


Now we need to increment the second datapointer by 101 - 72 = 29, a prime number so the same trick won’t work again. We will use 28 + 1 instead.


We can now print the “e” and simply do +7, print again twice, +3 and print again.


Now we are going to use the third pointer, put it at 4 * 8 = 32 and print space.


Back to the second pointer for the rest of the letters same as before.


Our final code will be:


Easily writeable and understandable.

Online brainf*ck interpretator:

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Dalmo Mendonça

Excellent presentation, way more understandable than wikipedia's example! Thank you, sir.

I always thought brainfuck was one of those internal jokes I'd never get. After reading this, I immediately thought it'd be fun to visually watch the process... and found this

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Ice or Fire

That makes my brain hurt

silverman42 profile image
Sylvester Nkeze

😌😌. I feel high from just reading this post. My head hurts