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Verified Mainnet Polygon Contract

Hardhat.config.js File

Command to Deploy your smart Contract :-
npx hardhat run --network matic scripts/deploy.js
Get the address then verified that contract using.

Command to verify your smart Contract :-
npx hardhat verify 0x394b899AAb17EfCF200AA3F9ce12F6fDf740E6Aa --network matic

Output :-

Successfully submitted source code for contract
contracts/GasLessNFT.sol:GasLessNFT at 0x394b899AAb17EfCF200AA3F9ce12F6fDf740E6Aa
for verification on the block explorer. Waiting for verification result...

Successfully verified contract GasLessNFT on the block explorer.

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Verified Successfully

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