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What tool do you use for user & dev documentation?

Hi DEV people 👋

I recently did a quick research of documentation tools and was surprised to find out that the majority of tools are static site generators like Docusaurus.
I was looking for something less techy, so that our clients can easily contribute to documentation of their projects themselves (as well as developers and management team).

📝 What are you using for documentation (especially user documentation) in your projects or in your organisation?

My top-3 list so far:

  1. - used to be free for private documentation hubs, but it's not the case any more. Great UX for developers and non-technical people. Expensive.
  2. BookStack - open source (Laravel + MySQL) self-hosted documentation hub that looks powerful yet simple. UX is not as exciting as Gitbook or, but is good enough.
  3. Archbee - the cheapest SaaS option I found, looks promising.

Thank you for sharing!

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For all of our projects we use
That helps us to reflect on actual state of the code and figure out all the logic in the source code which replaces the majority of the documentation.