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“Just for fun” coding resources / ideas?

Hi DEV community! I'm Kate 💡, and I'm obsessed by regular expressions, cats and web technologies (in this order). I'm going to blog more about soft skills, leadership in tech and random tech staff.
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Could you recommend any ideas/frameworks/games for “Just for fun” coding?

In my normal Tech Lead role, I miss coding a lot, so I decided to spend some time next week coding just for fun. Not reading too much, not configuring servers too much, not promoting or selling the product — just good old code stuff! 💻🥳

I mainly worked with Next.js and PHP (it was the main tech for building web sites when I started 👵), but have touched a bit of everything.

What would be your advice?

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Daniel Hintz

Hi Kate, I like to use Codewars ( or Codingame ( Both are code-game sites, support PHP, and require no setup. You just pick and read a problem, then submit your solution and compare to others' solutions.

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Kate Author

Thanks Daniel! I tried both and so far liked Codingame more. I decided to use a new programming language (Python) for me to have even more fun!

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Daniel Hintz

Glad you like it! I'm looking forward to learning Python as well in the near future, so maybe I'll see you on there.

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Maxim Orlov

Go through Wes' JavsScript 30 course. It's free and has 30 fun projects you can build using vanilla JS. Wes is a great teacher and the projects are a lot of fun!

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Diego Giuliani

Do you like playing with sound? Maybe something with ToneJS like a sequencer or a synthesizer

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Caleb Collins-Parks

You can try making a game with phaser, - what's more fun than a game? :)