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Discussion on: Simple approach to run and debug multiple .NET Dapr projects (w/o Docker)

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Kai Walter Author

Sure. Gimme a few days as I'm still in vacation mode. What is the background of your request? If you operate state store with Redis in a docker container my sample can be extended easily - it is still plain vanilla Dapr. Or are you especially interested for the "w/o docker" part where some state and some pub/sub components live somewhere outside docker?

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Hi, already fixed the issues i was running into, however i would gladly read some post regarding development using dapr + docker (loacally), like having an image of a an api/mvc app (aka app1) that was build with DAPR, starting this image inside a docker container locally and then creating a fresh api (akk app2). And calling app1 from app2 using DAPR. (would be best in debug mode), and maybe some interaction between these apps with the pub/sub (redis or any other doesn't matter). If you would have some nice posts you can advice or do one yourself that would be great.