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Why I Archived the Windows 10 and Linux Articles. - Open letter to the community.

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・2 min read

The specific articles in mind were
Alt Text

And with that, why? Why would I do this? To put it simply, the reaction. As I have mentioned I needed a break (one that I am cutting a little short). The whole explosion of comments - most highly negative - was insane to me.

I want to express my disappointment, not just in the community, but overall most who commented and went out of their way to DM me very hostile comments, and those who created a account to give me comments that were very hostile.

While yes, most of the 239 comments were probably kind or some form of an attempt at constructive criticism, a good chunk of them were polite ways of telling me "F-- off, I am right, you are an idiot". I am upset that this happened. While the ones that did say it in a more polite way - even though their claims were still giving false information - others did not. While I will not share screenshots, and many were hidden, it's still an issue.

It wasn't those who hated my point who got me the most upset. A couple of Linux elitists often did get far too hostile. I do not condone these specific users' actions, and please do not let these couple of jerks ruin your view of Linux as a whole, as they target posts like this for people who disagree.

Now the articles are archived. They have also been unpublished. If you wish to read them still, I will link them here:
Windows has no future
2020 is a great year for Linux

Yes, there were a lot of great comments, many of you were supportive and kind, but I still was unhappy with the bad apples of the bunch, no matter how few.

Also, I want to say sorry. I myself was not a good example of how to respond. I want to apologize for how I acted in some of the threads, some of the things I said were stupid, and others were even worse than some of the other bad apples.

To TL;DR this - I am unhappy with how some reacted, whether in the community or not. I also want to apologize for how I acted, which didn't set the example that I should have. The articles can still be found, but they have been unpublished and archived, and I will not be responding to new comments on them.

  • Kai Lyons

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webdev_chen profile image
Uchena Miller

I'm sorry to here but your opinion and other peoples opinion to a topic matters so don't let that bother you too much. Everyone has something to say whether its bad or good and some people just don't know how to make the right approaches.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I’m sorry for all the trouble and we will definitely seek to more proactively moderate conversations like this in the future. If any members made unwanted DMs here or elsewhere please feel free to report them if you care to.

kailyons profile image
KaiLikesLinux Author

Thank you for the kind words, I don't remember any. those who DMed me were deleted (not even blocked), so I do not remember them. It wasn't too bad, and nothing I would block for,

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Jonathan de Jong • Edited

I haven't even looked into the comments, your articles were already clear enough and much of a statement to make me start thinking what microsoft has going for them regarding windows, and besides its large velocity in user base, its mostly some key software vendors that keep supporting it as its sole target OS. Hell, microsoft themselves are starting to provide their services on linux.

But yeah, the internet is the internet, and I think your statement attracted way too many people for it to always go right, I can't say im surprised, but i'm also a bit disappointed, since there should be legitimate conversation around this.

My apologies on behalf of the more shady and gollum-like parts of the internet, I'm curious what you'll write about next, I've already followed, I wish you good luck.

codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

Frankly, I think it sucks this conversation got shut down by trolls and otherwise aggressive posters.

Actually, you've inspired me to reopen it, but in a controlled fashion: