What Messaging Application Do You Use, For Friends and Communities

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If it sends a message, it works. Systems like IRC where it is not a centralized system but more of a messaging protocol should be named by protocol or application to message through the protocol.


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I have been using Discord a lot lately! I think it's really great for staying in touch with my friends and family and makes playing PC games a breeze with them.

Otherwise I use Messenger and Signal a lot.


Chime for work (though moving to Slack soon).
Discord and Snapchat for friends.


I personally just quit Discord (as best as I can right now), and even deleted my Fivnex group Discord to move it to the new Fivnex telegram because

  1. The links are custom
  2. You don't pay for stupid custom links

Telegram does slack on voice chatting, which I didn't use much anyway. I also do IRC and sometimes Trello chat stuff, but that is rare.


I use Whatsapp for personal friends. Telegram for professional contacts & discord for gaming buddies :) [Also slack for work group]


Well, I have Whatsapp like most of us. Telegram for some college groups, and job listings, and DIscord for a book club that I have, and also there's a FreeCodeCamp from my city on Discord, oh, and some more programming communities. Aaaaaand I also use Slack, for college and some other programming communities (Devchat, MeetJS, FCCBuenosAires).


I use WhatsApp for personal use
For work, I use Discord, Slack and Telegram


I really like Telegram but as many of my friends use WhatsApp I mostly use WhatsApp.