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Ubuntu Lumina Remix: Why we are skipping the 20.04 LTS

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux Originally published at ・1 min read

Over the past several months of development, we have been trying to release the 20.04 edition of the Ubuntu Lumina Remix. Recently, we have had errors we cannot explain and have spent too much time attempting to fix. Ubuntu Lumina Remix will be skipping the 20.04 LTS so we can try to make it on time for the 20.10 mainline release of Ubuntu. We will not be coming back to build the 20.04 LTS version. We will be re-packaging everything for the 20.10 release and will be flipping our entire PPA system. All but one PPA will be deleted (the plain Lumina DE for work pushing to Debian), and we will make a new PPA for system packages. Hope this doesn't disappoint anyone. We will also be pushing back our RPi and Pine64 builds.

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