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Finalizing Ubuntu Lumina

Ubuntu Lumina's production process has been long and filled with doubt, frustration, anger, and stress. A couple of days ago, on the 26th of April 2020, the first Debian package was created. Now with lots of back end work, talking, researching, and testing, and designing, Ubuntu Lumina is entering the finalization process.

What's the "Finalization Process"?

The finalization process is us getting prepared for the build and release of the ISO. This process includes making more art, making promotional material, improving what we already made, and fixing things we did wrong before we build the full ISO.

What's being added in the finalization process

Better branding images for Ubuntu Lumina, in terms of the logo and type. The brand guidelines are in production. The addition of new wallpapers and artwork. A better Debian package, and the official Lumina desktop PPA for Ubuntu Lumina.

What's NOT being added during the finalization process?

The addition of themes, whether for icons, window bars, or the dock. Themes are not a high priority. Ubuntu Lumina will have custom made themes, hopefully starting by 20.10 or 21.04.

The addition of a welcome app, while something that will be added to Ubuntu Lumina, this release will not include it.

The addition of custom applications, while we are including Lumina defaults, those are not developed for Ubuntu Lumina. Along with that, we understand some of the applications are imperfect. Insight is the file manager, however, some might not enjoy using it.

What is planned for the future?

Ubuntu Lumina aims to include a full welcome application, a custom build application center, custom themes, custom icons, and to include better software.

What will be added?

Ubuntu Lumina will run with Firefox, use Terminator as the terminal emulator, and Lumina desktop included software. At this time we have no further applications to add. The installer will be Calamares.

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