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Discussion on: Linux VS Windows 10 - An Honest Comparison

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KaiLikesLinux Author

I understand wanting to comment, but please understand that Linux has severely changed in the last 5 years. More games work on Linux than don't, NVIDIA drivers are no longer a problem, it's really just specific Anti-Cheat software. And as someone who is not very good with tech (I know, seems ironic, but I suck), I can say with more than enough confidence in my heart to say Linux is easier than Windows 10. Don't just take my word for it, a lot of family members who I have worked with (either young children or elderly) have all preferred using my Linux installs than Windows 10.

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TGFH-That guy from Holland

Considering your reply i think you are a casual gamer and for casual games there is absolutely no problem under Linux although the selection, again, is a lot less than under windows. For gamer playing Tripple-A games and anything with multiplayer, linux is just terrible. Hardly any choice, the frame rate is substancially lower and there is lack of stability.

I don't just take your word for it, i run Kubuntu on a second boot and it's ok for productivity but that's about it. I am an IT professional by the way which doesn't mean i am Einstein, far from it but it does mean that i know linux in and out as well as windows ; and take it from me linux desktop is not suited for gaming or serious productivity. It has less than 2% market share for a reason. Linux desktop is fragmented, buggy, and not ready for prime time.