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How to run all Specs /or selected Spec in Cypress v11.2.0

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Problem Statement
The ability to ‘Run all specs’ or ‘Run filtered specs’ will be removed in Cypress 10.0. For many of the users, the existing implementation “was broken” for them because of how cypress originally architectured supporting this feature. Cypress received feedback regarding the removal of this feature.

In this blog for demo purposes, I am using Cypress version 11.2.0

How to solve the problem
In Cypress version 11.2.0 Cypress team has introduced a feature flag experimentalRunAllSpecs that will restore the prior behavior seen in versions < 10

Steps to Implements ‘Run all specs’
Installing Cypress
Installed Cypress version 11.2.0 using npm install cypress --save-dev

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Keep feature flag disable
After installing 11.2.0 next step is to enable experimentalRunAllSpecs flag.

Let's see when the feature flag experimentalRunAllSpecs is disabled. In the below screenshot, we can see the button to Run all specs is not displaying

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Enable the feature flag
When we enable the feature flag experimentalRunAllSpecs:true we can see in the below screenshot button to Run all specs is displaying

After enabling the feature flag either we can run all .specs in a single run or can run a set of .specs

1.We can run all test cases in a single run

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  1. We can run a SET of test cases e.g I want to run the First Set of Spec or Second Set of Spec or Third Set of Spec See in the above screenshot

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How to enable Feature Flag
In cypress.config.js set the below command

const { defineConfig } = require("cypress");

module.exports = defineConfig({
  e2e: {
    experimentalRunAllSpecs: true,
    setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
      // implement node event listeners here

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Steps to run the filtered .specs
If we want to run filtered spec we can simply search and execute the test

Two ways of filtering the .specs file

We can run the particular .spec file from the set of specs can be seen in below screenshot

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We can also search the .spec file from the Cypress runner and run the .spec file

The ability to ‘Run all specs’ or ‘Run filtered specs’ that was removed in the previous cypress version was re-introduced in Cypress version 11.2.0.

Using the experimentalRunAllSpecs feature flag we can restore the prior behavior and execute all/selected .specs files.

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