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Discussion on: Whats your story as a developer /programmer? , i'm getting less motivated

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Karim Hussain • Edited on

What keeps me motivated is to work with something that matter to me.

For example, I want to make a better future for our next generations. I have a kid and my goal in life is to leave this world knowing that I did something that will help him and his future kids to live a good life.

One of the things that is important for the future generations to have this opportunity is to have a planet which you can live in. To make sure that we can live on this planet we must act for the environment to save the planet.

All the work I do related to software development is connected to sustainabiliy. Making people, buildings, energy consumption etc. sustainable. Even my programming is connected to it. It is one thing to make computations fast, scalable and efficent but how do you make energy efficent computations that is performant but also uses as little electrical Power as possible?

I would say that you need to find something that motivated you apart from money and materialistic things. Find a purpose on what you want to do with your life. What do you want your legacy to be?

If you find that, make sure you in some way end up in that business sector and I am sure you will be motivated.

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Abod Micheal (he/him) Author

thanks alot