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Static Site Generators for Documentation

kahlil profile image Kahlil Lechelt Originally published at on ・1 min read

We are using some internal libraries at work that are not very well documented. As a result it is really difficult and time-intensive to onboard onto the project. It became clear to me that not having good documentation can come at a very high cost when it comes to long-term productivity for a team with changing team members.

As a result I started to work on documenting the inner workings of our application and it does feel satisfying to bring it to paper.

With documentation on my mind I attended our local JavaScript meetup KarlsruheJS, which I also co-organize. Interestingly it featured a talk about VuePress a static site generator based on VueJS which is specifically tailored towards creating documentation. I was smitten instantly!

After tweeting about my excitement about VuePress KarlsruheJS member Carsten directed my attention towards Docusaurus by Facebook, which is (obviously) a React-based static site generator for documentation. And since my co-worker Emma is totally into Gatsby I took a closer look there too and also found a Gatsby theme for documentation as well.

My docs are not ready to be hosted yet but it is good to know that there are some solid ways to get a documentation site up quickly. Since our project is written in React I will not go with a Vue-based solution though. It will be either Docusaurus or Gatsby.

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