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re: blog-cli: A CLI for Blogging with Static Site Generators VIEW POST

re: Sweet, looking forward to it.

Here is an idea: blog-cli could just check if there is a blog-cli property in the package.json that has a property pathToPosts or something and if yes it could just use that.

Multiple blogs could be suported by adding multiple paths in there that have an alias name as a property or something:

  "blog-cli": {
    "paths": {
      "work-blog": "/my/work/blog/posts",
      "personal-blog": "/my/personal/blog/posts"

And then there should be a command line flag that should allow you to switch between blogs, like: blog --switch-to work-blog for example.

I think I'd need to see an implementation of the idea to really get it.

I have been working on adding the ability to work with more than one template and to set a template path, I have it working but I need to clean it up a little and test for when it's not specified.

Once I have it done I'll submit it as a pull request, my fork is here

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