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re: "coffee-getter" i wish my juniors were that bad. I would never have to get out of my chair. Seat sores do not grown on their own you know!..

Hey, we gotta get our 8 hours of sitting time in, for science! But all kidding aside, that kind of hazing, in my own experience, is declining. Back when I started in tech, the low person on the ladder was responsible for two things: 1. Taking blame for mistakes made by those above you. And 2. Producing great work that those above you could take full credit for. And while I completely understand that these things are still a problem in a lot of places, I can say that, personally, i've seen a sharp decline in such behaviors and tolerance for them by executives and management. And I really hope that this trend continues. But, boy do I remember being the errand wench early on!


That's gotta suck, i've never experienced that on my own person, i chalk it down to luck, because i have experience plenty of other unhealthy practices.

When i started my current employment the juniors were getting neglected.
I implemented pair-programming, mobbing, mentoring and organized teamwork and it's raised their output and quality greatly, even if they still have waays to go (and so does my team lead skills).

It's made me realize how much of a waste it is to hire a junior if you do not have the time to mentor and tutor them.

It's just plane bad business, which could be a factor in the positive trend. :)

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