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re: How is it different from BeautifulSoup?

As far as what it does? Doesn't seem to be different at all. It just looks like the HTML parsing and web element selector syntax would be more comfortable for developers coming from the front end than from the back. IME, web scrapers are either front end devs that want to use web scraping for automated front end QA, or are back end devs that use it to collect data for a data set or API they want to build. BeautifulSoup is very pythonic in it's use and, if you're new to Python from the front end, using it might be a bit of a tough gear change. This library simply looks like a bridge to allow JS/JQuery folks to more easily break into Python web scraping comfortably. Sure there are ways to perform web scraping tasks in JS, but this fills a nice little niche for "new transfers" 😁😁

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