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This is a really great post and, honestly, I'm reading it right now because of how discouraged I am with my development career.

I am currently at the point where I wonder if I should just throw in the towel and go get a house-cleaning job because I can't even seem to give my services away at this point. And I find myself actually being one of the developers that don't need to Google things all that often and knows the standard library of my language of choice (Python) very well, and still nothing.

The last several months have been rejection after rejection, both as a freelancer and in the 9-5 world. So, I would offer the encouragement that, even if you feel that you are "mediocre", at least you're employable. Some of us, for one reason or another, simply aren't.

I love to code so much. I swear I would do it if I picked up garbage for a living (and to be totally honest, that looks like where I'm headed). So keep going with that love and never remember: no matter how you feel about yourself or your skill level, you are still miles ahead of those of us who are unemployed!


Keep going! Rays of support coming from me to you!

You can actually join some open-source development in Python. I have a bunch of projects. That's the world where people appreciate your work and effort, provide mentorship, advice, and help. With more experience it will be easier for you to find the dream job.

Some projects that I can offer:

Just drop me a line if you are interested: mail@sobolevn.me

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