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re: It's not just for up, but for any docker-compose command, of which, I use many many times (I do a ton of Docker development). docker-compose is a w...

The command docker-compose always comes out docker-compsoe the first time. Try as I might, I can never type it correctly on the first go. I don't use aliases in my shell because I like to remember the commands I'm typing and the flags I use. I feel like it forces me to think through command layout, what flags actually do and helps me remember. But I totally get the frustration of what I like to call "keyboard dyslexia". And the word compose is such that I almost always type it incorrectly the first time.

I probably type doc<tab>-c<tab> in reality. It's hard for me to test since if I just open a terminal I'll be conscious of what I'm doing, but I tab complete a lot.

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