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re: Good luck!!! What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this week?

Thank you! I'm going to need it. By the end of the week I hope to have two base docker images built. One will contain my Pydra web crawler in all its glory, with all of the custom filter defenses I've developed over the years so that no website owner will need to add special exceptions to allow my bot past their filters. Pydra is capable of fooling any filter I've thrown it at so far. The other will contain what will be needed for processing of media files and a Flask email route. Both images will be based on an Alpine image with Python 3.6+ with relevant packages, minified as much as possible for performance.

Next week will involve the building of a node image for use with a Gatsby front end, and an Nginx image as a web server and reverse proxy. Performance is key for this application. I want speed to be paramount and am considering using Pypy rather than Python 3.6 but have yet to benchmark the performance in this particular application between the two.

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