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re: Best of luck with your everything! I'm hopeful that you'll come back stronger and better than ever. :) What was the inspiration behind your app's ...

Thank you!

The name of the app is an evolution of the acronym I use to refer to the little script that gave me the idea. I have a tiny, personal library that I wrote using Pillow in Python that is used to reduce the size and scaling of all images in a directory. I call this little class RIS for Reduce Image Size. But I didn't like that as a name for a web app. I also didn't like the idea of a URL like ris.com etc. But when I said RIS out loud, I immediately thought Rizzo rolled off the tongue better. Plus, has anybody ever had a bad experience with an entity named Rizzo? The rat from The Muppetts, the leader of The Pink Ladies from Grease. Need I go on? Anyway, it stuck 😁😁


Haha nice, love the thought process!

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