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re: So it is really more of an umbrella term for a wide range of roles. Would saying "Product Evangelist who knows the ins and outs of the how the pr...

It's always seemed to me that a developer advocate is a new-ish title that has the same spectrum of meaning that "software engineer" does in that it can and usually does mean different things depending on where you work. It also can go by different names. To some, it's software engineer, others is software developer, or programmer. Dev advocates can be called engineering advocates or technical relation specialist and the like. From what I've gathered, they are kind of the externally facing version of a scrum master. Where a scrum master runs deflection for the developers and serves as the middle man between whiny executives, sales people, or other developer teams, a developer advocates seem to do the same thing, but with the customers, clients, and partners outside the company that have a vested interest in the product being done right. Not sure if this is accurate, but that's what it seems anyway.

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