Discussion on: Why is your preferred programming language your go-to?

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I would read the crap out of that article. I left the C# world behind when .NET 4.5 was new and C# 5 was the latest version of the language so, suffice to say, I'm well removed from the C family nowadays. But I would love to see something that was written in Java, not only re-written into modern C#, but in the .NET Core repackaging of The .NET Framework. I've read a bit about .NET Core, but am not really sure if it is Microsoft doing its usual thing of acquiring a company (in this case Xamarin) then giving their founders a big middle finger by ripping their product apart, taking what they like, and throwing the rest away, telling Mono to go shove it, or an actual attempt to encourage a cross-platform, open sourced world. I like Microsoft's new direction. I really like how Satya Nadella, when first given his position, was expected to do a bunch of stuff, and in many cases had it demanded of him by the board, and instead kind of just said "That's nice. But Azure is my baby, I'm a cloud guy at heart. So guess what? We're going after AWS's cloud service. Oh, and we're going to do it by showing Google their not the only open playground of the big 5. Cheers fellas, I've got a company to run." But, I'm also relatively sure that at least part of that was, more or less, a PR stunt to help all of us skeptics believe that a "maverick" had taken MS by the ears and is leading a bright new revolution in tech and don't really trust it as far as I can grow a grand piano full of molten lead. It would be interesting to see the comparison either way though :D