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I use my avatar for two reasons: 1) It's R2D2 giving a flower to a trash can...really shouldn't need to say more about why that's amazing. 2) I always identified with R2D2 in that I'm very technical, quite cheeky, usually only have a couple of close friendships at a time (which I much prefer to a multitude of shallow friendships), and speak in a manner that very few seem to understand outside of my social circle. That, mixed with the fact that my wife is an officially licensed babe, I feel like our marriage is like if the trash can in my avatar reached out, took the flower, and then reconfigured into a robotic dime piece, and she and R2 lived happily ever after. Everyone who had been watching R2 beforehand would have been like "Oh that's so cute! It's gonna be so sad when he realizes that he's giving that flower to something that couldn't possibly reciprocate." Then after, those same people would be like "Wait...what the heck just happened?"


You're right anything with R2D2 is instantly good and I love the story with it. It is kind of geeky and romantic and quirky all at the same time and beautifully told. Thanks for sharing it

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