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re: Great article. Decorators are very useful for writing reusable, boilerplate-free code. This incredible answer from Stackoverflow taught me about t...

That answer is the very summation of the research I did on this post and is extremely comprehensive. With your leave, I would like to add that link to the main article as a deeper dive follow-up source material. Is that alright with you?

I've used decorators for a long time but never started to write my own until a year or so ago. On conception of this article series (Py in 5), I decided to take a deeper look at all of the Pythonic (and programming in general) topics, tips, tricks, and features that I more or less took for granted, and see if I could explain the "under the hood" enough for understanding in 5 minutes or less. This would force me to gain a more complete understanding of the topics myself. That SO post is very similar to the type of material I referenced to gain said thorough knowledge and I thank you so much for sharing it as well as for giving my article a bit of a review! 😄😄😄


Feel free to share it. The more people who can read it, the better!

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