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re: I think more people than we think are "wired" like you describe. I'm wondering if it is not actually the vast majority of people. I think the produ...

I agree with the fact that many are victims of a system designed for one thing: profit. There was a quote from Ocean's 11 where one of the characters says "I don't believe in weakness, it costs too much." That exact mentality permeates every aspect of the world.

Some places have gotten it closer to correct than most. Japan and Switzerland are two places that I found extremely respectful of the fact that you were a living, breathing being and deserved a share of respect simply for that.

Where I disagree slightly, is that the majority of people have an alternative wiring. While I absolutely agree that there are more of us than people think, it is my personal opinion that most are not. The difference seems to be that where "neurotypicals" can experience everyday hardship and stress, yet still function at a reasonable capacity, "alternates" (or Orchids as I call them when I talk to people in my area about this topic), those everyday stresses are received like a gut punch rather than a glancing blow. What is irritating or aggravating to neurotypicals is a knockout punch to Orchids.

The main issue is that, when the civilization we occupy was young, it advanced, innovated, and changed exceptionally quickly. By pure chance, the stresses caused by the Industrial Revolution favored the Thomas Edison's rather than the Nikola Tesla's and therefore, those that could not adapt were left behind.

Ultimately, this snowballed into a culture that was widely dismissive and belittling of those who had not adapted to this world they had created. It's getting better now, and is nobody's fault really. Two world wars and global communication gave the world bigger more dire problems. But the fact remains that Orchids were largely delegated to labs and basements due to their sensitivity and difficulty adapting. In those days, we made ourselves feel broken. This attitude, which originated in us, then permeated to others. I we feel were broken, how can anybody else feel otherwise? This post is simply meant to reassure those who maintain that feeling of defectiveness and push forward to use the unique strengths that your wiring allows you.

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