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re: Hey Sam. I don't really have anything that shows the skills I have no. One thing I would say that has stood to me is that I never just built stuf...

+1 for the "just go for it" mentality. I've worked in both the front and back end and that is the best piece of advice any aspiring Dev can receive. In my case, I had no money for University so I didn't really have a choice, but an insatiable curiosity and near-complete disregard for common sense points like "I've never done this before, I don't know this language/framework, don't even know where to start, etc" will make you happy in your life as a developer. In my opinion, credentials can get you a good job right out of the gate. But unconditional love for your craft and dedication to "building a better mouse trap" will keep it fun and enjoyable regardless of if you feel your not at the prestige level you want to be. That prestige will come if you want it later on. If your a mad scientist who adores his craft, and loves to work with and share it with others, people will find out no matter how many basement levels down your company stashes you 😁😁👍

I never just built stuff for the sake of it, it was usually to solve a problem I personally had


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