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Excellent list of resources for sure! I remember Codecademy when it was 6 months old and had barely any content. I followed your link and was pleasantly surprised to see how far they've come!

Also +1 on giving love to official docs. If I have a choice, I would much rather comb the docs to find an answer than use SE or SO, but only because I will 100% forget an answer somebody has given me, but will 100% remember how to solve a problem I figured out for myself. As for me, my list is as follows:

Flask Web Development: The Flask Mega Tutorial is, hands down, the best and most comprehensive Python Web development tutorial out there. I've been writing Python code for 5+ years and developing with Flask for close to 4, and i STILL refer to this tutorial almost every time I build something with Flask! Sure, the author, Miguel Grinberg's photo on that tutorial makes one a bit nervous, simply because it makes him look like the cyber criminal villain of a Mission Impossible movie that is holding the world's networks hostage. Over the years he's iterated the tutorial to keep up with Flask and Python. Plus he responds to comments and emails so, if he really has masterminded a Fire Sale, at least he's nice about it :P

Treehouse: All Things Web+

My wife and I freelance together as a designer and developer tag team and Treehouse has been a huge part of us keeping current. It is a pay-for service, but its only about $25/month and that gives you unlimited access to tons and tons of courses on ML, Python Web Development, JS Web Development, SEO, Responsive Web Design, Digital Literacy, Database Design, Swift for iOS, Angular2+, and the list goes on. All the teachers of the on-demand courses that we have taken were members of the community they were teaching; either as core developers to the framework/language, or somebody who worked in the wild with that technology in its current form, every day. While keeping up can be hard with rapid changes, I have grown to really prefer Treehouse over reading countless blog posts that, unfortunately, can conflict on the details of functions or conventions just enough to be quite confusing. Treehouse hasn't done that to us so far. Therefore, we love it.

Coursera: Real College Courses for free!?!

Real college professors, from schools you have ACTUALLY heard of, teaching all sorts of stuff, from CS to art, to music, to history, and its free. Yeah. Pretty much.

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