VIDEO πŸŽ‰πŸ“Ί |Bye Bye 403 | Building a Filter Resistant Web Crawler in Python | Part IV - Ethics and Throttling

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What's up everybody?! Part 4 is going to be a bit different than previous posts. How you ask? Well, it's a video!! Mainly because the topic of ethics can be really dry and boring. However, especially in a software specialty that is maligned by many, we must keep ethics and proper throttling technique involved in all of our projects.

But fear not! The following video tries to keep it entertaining. There's baby animals, a ghost hand, and some funky music so give it a watch and we'll have a good time!

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By the way, did you know you can actually embed the YouTube video? I'd recommend putting this in place of the link in your post:

{% youtube aW2gdPC4pjg %}


Thanks so much for that! Is that a Dev-specific template function or markdown? Because I searched for embedding YouTube in markdown and did not see this! Thank you very very much! Update complete and the video is now embedded.



Those are DEV.to's custom Liquid Tags. Click the little "i" button on the lower-right of any compose window to view the Editor Guide...or, y'know, just click that link. :)

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