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Using Tailwind in React Native


Tailwind CSS has given us a lot of freedom in how we design web components. As a result, it has gained widespread acceptability among developers and IT enterprises.

Tailwind CSS is a highly flexible, low-level, utility-first CSS framework for creating user interfaces quickly.

React Native combines the greatest aspects of native development with React, a world-class JavaScript library for developing user interfaces.

Library required

Tailwind React Native Classnames (twrnc) v2. Please check the Library (twrnc) docs For:

  • Installation
  • API
  • Customization
  • Enabling Device-Context Prefixes
  • Taking Control of Dark Mode
  • Customizing Breakpoints
  • Adding Custom Classes
  • Matching Conditional Prefixes
  • JIT-style Arbitrary Values
  • Migrating from V1
npm install twrnc
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Tips When Using Tailwind in React Native


For VSCode you can add intellisense by customising the config of Tailwind CSS IntelliSense through the following options:

  • Option 1: Adding a custom Regex pattern to the settings.json
"tailwindCSS.experimental.classRegex": [
    "tw`([^`]*)", // tw`...`
    "tw=\"([^\"]*)", // <div tw="..." />
    "tw={\"([^\"}]*)", // <div tw={"..."} />
    "tw\\.\\w+`([^`]*)", //`...`
    "tw\\(.*?\\)`([^`]*)" // tw(Component)`...`
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  • Option 2: You could also add style in the extensions under TailwindCSS extension Tailwind CSS IntelliSense in VS Code Settings (UI)

Tailwind CSS IntelliSense VS Code Settings


Tailwind intellisense support #78
Tailwind React Native Classnames 🏄‍♂️

Top comments (5)

idebeijer profile image

Might be worth mentioning that after option 1 or 2, the intellisense still won't work if there is no tailwind.config.js or tailwind.js present in the root of the project.

anatugreen profile image

Thanks for this. I followed the Option 2 and it did not work until I manually created a tailwind.js in my project root folder. Works Nice now.

golgothaaksanti profile image
Golgotha Aksanti • Edited

It is working using tailwind.config.js file

anatugreen profile image
Anaturuchi • Edited

Hi, Did you create the file manually or you generated following tailwin doc?

globalfreetech profile image
Bhavik Kalariya • Edited


Currently the format of using tailwind class is this. How to get suggestions in vscode for this format?