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Kaartik Singh
Kaartik Singh

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JavaScript Developer Losing Track of ... !

I am a Frontend developer and I recently quit my job (End of January) as I was worried where my career was going.I had been working there for the past 3 years but every day at my office felt monotonous and nothing used to excite me and hence the decision.

Its been 2.5 months since the last working day, I had started learning React, Created 3 Projects using Vanilla JS ,Started working on my portfolio website, Some freelancing on Upwork and applying to companies (to which there seems to be no response may be due to COVID-19).

But after each passing day I think i'm loosing my interest in frontend development or coding/software development itself ,There was a time I liked it but now the daily tasks/development that I plan for any day seems to be going of the track each and every time. For example I try going through an online course on React but I lose my interest within 15-20 minutes and wander off to Youtube or twitter and so on.

It's not that I'm not able to focus on my work or anything . I have ample amount of time in my hand , I know i need to improve my skill. I constantly try to learn new skills (coming back to my workstation and forcing myself to sit there until and unless its done). But everything seems to be a burden in this respect.

So every day feels like loss to me, Having no job also is a burden.
I don't know what to do or what to expect or anything.

Just wanted to vent it all out. I don't know.

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Aaron Reese

We all feel like that at one point it another so don't feel alone. Part if it could be burnout. There are loads of great articles and podcasts about developer burnout. Check, CodingBlocks and Complete Developer podcast for great episodes on how to recognise the symptoms and solutions. Burnout is one form of stress and you may have discovered that not having enough work is just as stressful as having too much. I would suggest trying something completely different; learn to sing/dance/juggle, just something away from a screen. You have lost the passion because you didn't not see a problem to solve. When you do the passion will come back. Mental health is a real problem for developers, so you must treat it as such. Contact your local support group and have a chat. You are not wasting their time; they would rather do early intervention that full psychiatric rebuild because you were too embarrassed to talk.
Thoughts with you and everyone else feeling the isolation and lack of motivation with Covid 19

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Anthony Da Cruz

Hi, maybe you should try another language. I have experienced a lot of different domains in dev, (back, front, sysadmin, ML, native mobile, etc.) I find Kotlin very interesting and it is now my main language for doing lots of stuff. The language itself is in constant evolution and I find it satisfying. It can do many different work (Back, Front, ML, mobile etc.)

Also Swift is also a good language, for the moment I try Dart with Flutter which can be interesting for you.

The main idea, that you did understood, is to keep learning. For me, as CTO and driving a team focusing on innovation, Javascript is so poor by design which limits mind creativity. You have world to discover with OOP, machine learning, and native that is too bad to spend time only on javascript. To grow as a developer and creator I recommend you to explore other languages, to make your brain have a new hope of interest and discovery.

Sorry for my english :)
Have a nice day :D

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Don Alfons Nisnoni • Edited on

Hi... I just want to show you this quote...

Just find something that you love... because when you do something you love, you will love & passionate about it... and don't lose hope, keep fighting!!!

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Goodwish Matyila

I am sorry to hear what you are going through, it is normal to feel like that, stress also contributes to distractions, COVID-19 is a threat to us all, there is so much to do in front end, not just programming, be creative and colourful, JavaScript or any other languages are not there for passing time, neither a hobby nor some kids game, if you use your skills to solve problems in the real world, you are doing good.

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Ash Klempton

You are probably burnt out. Try working on something else for some days.