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Do you need GraphQL?

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MeshyDB vs Parse Platform

I have tried both backend platforms.
I decided to use both for a recipe application. Tomorrow I hope I will start.
Just because I feel more comfortable while developing for nativescript, Instead of Nuxt, I will use nativescript.

I ❤️ Couchbase but sooner or later, I must use some online tool for beta testing Because I want to reclaim online real data from beta testers.

Emotionally I want to use GraphQL in all my projects. It's a special kind of technology. But If there will be no relational tables then why I will deal with back4app or Strapi with PostgreSQL?

Do you need GraphQL?

  1. You will use more than 2 tables.
  2. You will have more than 2 One to Many or Many to Many relationships.

Otherwise, just use MeshyDB, you won't need Parse Platform until you add your third table.

Note: I don't trust MangoDb nor parse for production. I will use PostgreSQL or MySql

For serious projects, I will use Relational database management systems (RDBMS) with Laravel or Strapi. They are my first choices for future applications which are in my todo list.
Check out this tutorial


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