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Created a svelte tooltip library


I created a light weight tooltip library. It was my first time making a svelte library. But it was a breeze thanks to svelte-kit.

What I made

As stated above, I created a svelte-actions based tooltip library. I'll leave links to the repo and demo page here.



How to make a library with svelte-kit

svelte-kit package is currently experimental at the time of writing (2022/03/24)

svelte-kit makes creating a library super easy. The only notable difference between creating a library with svelte-kit and creating a web app with svelte-kit is the location of the public-facing stuff.

  • The location of the public facing stuff based on what you want to create
    • src/routes : for creating a web app with svelte-kit
    • src/lib: for creating a library with svelte-kit

And with that out of the way, all you have to do now is to write code and build & publish it by running the commands below.

$ npm run package // build the package from the code under src/lib
$ cd package // move to the package directory
$ npm publish // publish the package
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For more information about creating a library with svelte-kit check out the official document below.

SvelteKit docs

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