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Created a svelte tooltip library


I created a light weight tooltip library. It was my first time making a svelte library. But it was a breeze thanks to svelte-kit.

What I made

As stated above, I created a svelte-actions based tooltip library. I'll leave links to the repo and demo page here.



How to make a library with svelte-kit

svelte-kit package is currently experimental at the time of writing (2022/03/24)

svelte-kit makes creating a library super easy. The only notable difference between creating a library with svelte-kit and creating a web app with svelte-kit is the location of the public-facing stuff.

  • The location of the public facing stuff based on what you want to create
    • src/routes : for creating a web app with svelte-kit
    • src/lib: for creating a library with svelte-kit

And with that out of the way, all you have to do now is to write code and build & publish it by running the commands below.

$ npm run package // build the package from the code under src/lib
$ cd package // move to the package directory
$ npm publish // publish the package
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For more information about creating a library with svelte-kit check out the official document below.

SvelteKit docs

Top comments (4)

kaloo profile image

This project not only demonstrates the power of Svelte for frontend development but also underscores the potential of Svelte-kit for library creation Neal Fun. As an experimental package at the time of writing, it offers promising possibilities for future projects seeking simplicity and effectiveness in library development.

For those intrigued by this endeavor, the official documentation serves as a comprehensive guide for diving deeper into the world of Svelte-kit library creation.

The ease of building with Svelte-kit shines through, as highlighted in the developer's overview. By following straightforward steps and utilizing the designated 'src/lib' directory, creating a library becomes as straightforward as crafting a web app. The provided commands for building and publishing streamline the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from development to deployment.

thomas180399 profile image
Thomas Frank

This is the first time I have known about svelte-kit tool. It helps making a super mario game library easily compare to make it without tools.

juiweasley profile image
Jui Weasley

Creating a tooltip library using svelte-actions sounds like a wordiply useful and practical project.

celinecdd9 profile image
Celine Dion • Edited

svelte-kit is the perfect tool for creating a lightweight and io games easy-to-use tooltip libraries.

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