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Created a productivity app

What it is

It is a really simple app that lets you play different kind of ambient sounds. You can play any sounds simultaneously.



Why I made it

I used to use Youtube or Apple Music/Spotify to listen to random music when I was coding. But I was having issues below.

  • Issues with Youtube: There are so many great videos made by great content creators and I usually end up watching those videos instead of coding.
  • Issues with Apple Music/Spotify: There are so many great songs or music made by great musicians and I usually end up just enjoying the music instead of coding.

Additionally, there actually was a site I used to use for focusing but that site "Upgraded" their features and it was not exactly I wanted anymore.

So I created it myself.


I'm using sounds and icons from the websites below.

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Patrick Wendo

Absolutely brilliant. Simple and to the point.

Maybe the timer could have a way to change the jumps. Say 1 min, 5 min, 10 min. ?

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Thanks for the feed back 😊 😊!!